[GSoC – 5] Achieving consistency between SDDM and Plasma

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In this GSoC entry I’ll mention two things implemented since the last blog post: syncing of scaling and NumLock settings. Aside from that, I’ll reflect on syncing of locally-installed files.

Even thought I thought scaling would require changes on the SDDM side of things, it turned out Plasma always keeps a scaling DPI value around that can be grabbed and then passed as an SDDM server argument. The syncing will happen regardless of the fact if the user is using the fonts DPI or scaling option to scale their display. I would consider this one of the more important sub-features because I’m aware of that the issue of scaling in SDDM needs to be worked around for the time being.

NumLock is another thing that can be important in a login manager because many users have numbers in their passwords. By turning NumLock on in Plasma and then syncing it with SDDM we (I too like to have it on) can now save ourselves the extra step of turning on NumLock in SDDM or even typing in the wrong password due to assuming it was on.

As I mentioned in the previous post, one drawback of attempts to sync theme settings with SDDM is that SDDM requires these files to be present on the root partition. When users install content from GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff), it’s installed in the home directory. Detecting if theme files in use are present on the root partition and copying them there if not when the user syncs their settings with SDDM would be possible for most (but not all) files, but is grueling and clumsy in the long run. It’s possible to instead implement an option for global installation of content. As a matter of fact, something alike can already be encountered when installing fonts.

The next post will be the final one. If anyone has final ideas on what they would like to see added or changed in the current implementation of the feature, let me know in the comments section.

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